FVS Planer

Started: 2012
Programming language: Java
Target platform: Independent
Tags: Java Web Start, Swing, 2D Graphics
Language: German
Deployment: http://fvs-event.de/tools/eventplaner/

I wrote this program exclusively for the event planning agency fvs-event.de. That’s why I cannot release the sources.


  • Drag and Drop: plan you event easily by dragging on dropping items on the plain field
  • Export: export your event as JPG to share it
  • Customizable: Add your own library of event items to FVSPlaner (tables, tentes…)
  • Measurement: Measure distances with the included ruler tool in meters
  • Undo/Redo function: Revert any action that was made unintentionally

Here you can see the GUI of the release version: